Escrow Services at a Glance

When you buy or sell a home or property, it usually involves transferring large sums of money. To make sure the transfer of these funds, and the related documents, is handled in a secure manner, you need a trusted escrow holder.

As a knowledgeable, neutral third party, the escrow holder makes sure the conditions of the transaction are met before property and money changes hands. The process of escrow was developed to protect the buyer, seller and lender.

As an escrow holder, Old Republic Title carries out the instructions of the parties involved in real estate transactions, which includes:

  • Receiving the necessary funds and documents
  • Completing or obtaining required forms
  • Handling the final delivery of funds, documents and statements to the proper parties

To learn more about escrow and settlement/closing services for real estate transactions, contact the Old Republic Title office nearest to you.

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